Meskwaki Media Services (a subdivision of the I.T. Department) exists to:

Preserve sovereignty, protect traditions, promote culture and help to build a stronger community through information, communication and support.

Its main purpose is in the creation of the Meskwaki Nation Times, a monthly publication available to enrolled adult Tribal members by mail.

The publication is also posted on our Facebook page. Special editions of the publication are sometimes created for special events, holidays, etc.

The deadline for the Meskwaki Nation Times newsletter is the third Monday of every month.

A submission form must be filled out to submit to the Meskwaki Nation Times.


The Media Services Department is also available to Tribal Operations for:

- The creation of flyers, brochures, articles, press releases, graphics, posters, etc.

- Taking pictures of Tribal Operation's events (on request - at least 2 weeks in advance)

- Livestreaming and video taping of Tribal Operation's events (on request - at least 1 month in advance)

- Printing and bulk mailing to the Tribal Community via U.S. Postal Service

- Event announcements via website and social media


Pictures taken by Meskwaki Media Services for any event may be placed

on the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa's Facebook page

and/or used in the Meskwaki Nation Times.


Media Staff
Media Coordinator Shannon Mitchell
Media Assistant/Videographer Darvin Graham


Physical Address: Mailing Address: Phone: 641.484.9435
1646 305th Street
Tama, IA 52339
349 Meskwaki Road
Tama, IA 52339
Fax: 641.484.5424