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2019 Sett-Fit Challenge Winners Announced

Your 2019 Sett-Fit Challenge Winners are:

> 50 years & older

Weight loss:
Michael Erikson with 15# lost
Becky YoungBear with 13.9# lost

Muscle built:
Mike Magoo Keahna with 8.21% gained
Staphne Whitebrest with 3.65% gained

>35-50 age range

Weight loss:
Trevor M with 35# lost
Misty Jefferson with 23# lost

Muscle built:
Patrick Bolte with 8.56% gained
Jana Kapayou Bear with 6.77% gained

>18-34 age range

Weight loss:
Woody Roberts with 37.6# lost
Kari Roberts with 30# lost

Muscle built:
Jacob Kapayou with 4.12% gained
Shyannon Wolf with 10.87% gained

>Most Points

Sean Keahna Sr.with 229 points overall
Kathy Shuckahosee with 428 points overall

*If you won a category, please contact Ashley Aylsworth, Megan-Koehn Clinic-Dietitian or Jason-Jefferson Meskwaki-Wellness so they can get your prize to you.

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of the participants of this years Sett-Fit Challenge, everyone did an amazing job!

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