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Meskwaki Public Works Community Request Policy

A Community Request form must be filled out by the Homeowners, at the Public Works Office, for all requested services, such as the following:

  1. Water
  2. Sewer
  3. Solid Waste
  4. Tree/Limb Removal
  5. Gravel/Rock for their driveway and other areas
  6. Initial request for garbage pick-up
  7. Appliance Pick-up
  8. Other

In cases where the Homeowner cannot come to the office because of health reasons, the Community Request form will be mailed to them.

Homeowners needing gravel/rock will be required to sign the Agreement to Set-Off Payment Obligations form.

Gravel/Rock accounts that are delinquent due to non-payment, will be denied further gravel/rock deliveries until the account is paid in full.

The landfill charges for certain appliances, which need to be paid at the landfill before disposal.  Please do not put appliances into the dumpsters. To find out what the charge is for an appliance, you may call the Meskwaki Public Works Office at 484-4600 or the Tama County Landfill at 484-5061.

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