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New Interim Chief of Police Appointed

Effective March 20, 2019, The Meskwaki Nation Tribal Council has unanimously approved the appointment of Chris Saunsoci as Interim Chief of the Meskwaki Nation Police Department.  Saunsoci, who first worked for the tribe during its initial activation in 2005, comes with 18 years of experience in Indian Country Law Enforcement Administration.   Under his leadership, the tribe will be implementing new accountability measures within the police department, as well as supporting police staff through the transition.

Interim Chief Saunsoci is committed to working with the Meskwaki Nation on developing stronger community policing strategies, supports for community members in crisis, and ensuring that the police force is fully trained and responsive to the unique needs of our community.  “My primary objective is to protect the culture and way of life on the Meskwaki Settlement and keep peace on tribal lands,” Saunsoci advised.

“I worked here 11 years ago and enjoyed the people, culture, and entire area.  With the recent repeal of the 1948 Act, I wanted to come back to be a part of the transition.  I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to assist in this new beginning.”

Meskwaki community members with any past or current issues stemming from police interactions are encouraged to set up a time to meet with the Executive Director or Deputy Director through Executive Assistant Tamara Mauskemo at (641) 484-9230.  Interim Chief Saunsoci is also available to meet with community members and can be contacted at (641) 484-4844.


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