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“To rely on the knowledge and experiences of the past, along with the will to survive to advance the people, culture and well-being of the Meskwaki Nation.”

Meskwaki Nation Mission

Tribal Enrollment with the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa has requirements meant to preserve the culture and traditions of the Meskwaki people.  Membership criteria is set forth in our constitution.

The Enrollment Department handles all applications for enrollment, as well as identification cards. The department also keeps record of all Tribal members worldwide.

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CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  Please fill out a Change of Address form and mail back with signature.

TRIBAL MEMBERS:  Please notify the Enrollment Department with any address changes, deaths, births, or any other changes.


Enrollment begins by application to a seven member commitee, appointed by the Tribal Council.  The committee oversees the enrollment process and makes recommendation to Tribal Council.

Applications for enrollment must be complete, before recommending to the Tribal Council, whom, makes the final decision to enroll.


    • Certified Birth Certificate with enrolled father’s name.
    • Paternity Statement signed by the father and notarized.
    • Family Tree
    • DNA Test
    • Social Security Card

All information is confidential. The burden of proof shall remain on the applicant to establish eligibility for membership.

Application packets are available at the Enrollment Office.

Enrollment Officer Lucie Roberts
Office Assistant TBH
Chair/Board Member Lynn Morgan
Secretary/Board Member Marian Davenport
Board Member Hilda YoungBear
Board Member Ramona Sanache
Board Member Anthony Waseskuk
Board Member Penny Old Bear
Board Member Tonya Bear


Physical Address: Mailing Address: Phone:
349 Meskwaki Road
Tama, IA 52339
349 Meskwaki Road
Tama, IA 52339

fax: 641.484.8008

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