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Meskwaki Nation Day

On Saturday July 13th, the Meskwaki Nation celebrated the end result of a policy that was begun by our People to have a home in order to grow crops, raise children and practice our own Meskwaki religion without interference. We honor our grandfathers and grandmothers who came here, fought to stay, and endured the deprivations that now, more than a century later, seem far away. The annual celebration on July 13th provides the Tribe, its friends, and surrounding community a chance to reflect on this great shared history and an opportunity to communicate our values and pride to the children. The celebrated day began with a fun run/walk, followed by the Robert Morgan Post 701 Veterans flag raising. Shortly after, the Meskwaki Nation Day committee put on a volleyball and bags tournament, plus the Meskwaki Youth Program hosted a basketball tournament that all took place outside of the Tribal Center which ended just in time for supper. After supper, the celebration moved inside the Tribal Center in which a powwow took place. A big thank you to everyone who helped make the Meskwaki Nation Day Celebration a success.

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Summer Solstice

On Wednesday, June 10th Meskwaki Red Earth Gardens, Meskwaki Agriculture & Food Sovereignty, Meskwaki Diabetes Program, and the Meskwaki Youth Program hosted a Summer Solstice Milkweed Festival that took place at Red Earth Gardens, which is located behind Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel. The community were invited for a Fun Run/Walk, followed by a meal which featured: Milkweed, Bison, Walleye, Corn, Beans, Squash, Frybread, and other foraged foods.

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Patients and Family Members with Diabetes

Meskwaki Health Clinic Patients & Family Members with Diabetes are eligible for free Red Earth Garden veggies all season long. Veggies are available at Red Earth Gardens Tuesdays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. You can be eligible for up to $30.00 of veggies each week, no voucher needed. For more information, call (641) 484-4094 and ask for Megan or Ashley.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst visited the Meskwaki Nation on Tuesday, July 2, 2019. During a tour of the Settlement, Ernst visited the Meskwaki Tribal Center, Tribal Museum, and the Meskwaki Settlement School. Meeting with Tribal Council members and Executive staff to discuss current events and programming, Ernst expressed her desire to work with the tribe to enhance programming to the Meskwaki people. Ernst spoke about her ability to assist in dealings with federal agencies like Social Security, Medicare, Veteran’s and Military benefits, and others. She expressed her desire to learn more about the Meskwaki culture, heritage, and values and to do her part to help with future tribal issues and sovereignty initiatives.

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