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Meskwaki Apprenticeship Relief Aid to Marshalltown

Sunny skies, birds chirping, children at play.  Yesterday some of these things were very common all throughout Iowa.  Then BOOM!!  Cloudy skies, high winds, and scattered showers tore through Midwest Iowa.  Unfortunately many houses, cars, and property were destroyed during the storm.

Many were affected by the storm via power outage, lost of homes, etc.  Due to this sudden and compelling turn of events, the Meskwaki Apprenticeship decided to step in and lend a helping hand.  Matt Bear, the Apprenticeship Coordinator, called for volunteers to aid Tribal Members living in Marshalltown that are in need of assistance.

Updates may be added later to help keep all Community members in the loop as new developments occur.  Thank you for checking in, hope you are all safe out there.

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