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MNPD Officer Levio Simcox Presented with Life Saving Medal

Simcox was presented with an award and Life Saving Medal from the U.S. Indian Police Academy, a Department of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

Life Saving Medals are awarded in appreciation for prompt and unselfish acts of rendering aid and assistance to another human being that results in saving a life. He will also be given a bar representing the award to wear on his uniform.

On Tuesday, April 14th, 2020, Officer Simcox responded to an address where a subject was bleeding profusely. Officer Simcox was the first officer on scene. We credit his knowledge and experience from a FLETC Basic Tactical Medical Instructor course held at the Meskwaki Settlement School in July, 2019 for his quick and calm actions.

We are proud of Officer Simcox’s immediate action in the situation and how he represented our agency. Thank you for your service.

See photos from the event here.

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Shelter In Place Extended to June 1st.

From the Executive Director:

The Tribal Council has approved the extension of the Shelter in Place order until June 1, 2020.

Tribal Operation Employees and Casino Employees will not return to work until then. The Tribe will continue to pay for the wages for all employees (up to 40 hours per week).

Employees will not accrue sick/annual or PTO leave beginning April 19, 2020 until we are back to work. Essential employees who continue to work full-time (40 hours) currently will continue to accrue annual/sick Leave and/or PTO leave.

Those working only a few hours a week will not accrue leave. The Tribal Council will meet again in a few weeks to reassess the situation.

If the State opens up sooner, we may return sooner.

Stay home and stay safe!

– JoAnn Youngbear

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Tribal Operations Closure Extended

From the Health Director:

Quick update post-work session with Tribal Council. Shelter-in-place orders remain in effect through Friday May 1st. Tribal Operations to remain closed through Friday May 1st. Additional updates and information to follow pending future meetings.

The Clinic had another positive result this afternoon with the person living on the Settlement. We also received 2 negative tests today and have zero pending tests out at this time. The positive individual is following isolation protocols and we are hoping for a speedy recovery.

With that, we all must hold fast in our efforts to keep the virus from exploding on the Settlement. Continue to avoid other people’s homes, wash your hands, and wear a mask if possible. I know this isn’t always easy but all of your actions and personal choices determine our future so hold the line. According to some data analysis, the peak in Iowa should hit around first week of May. This estimation changes daily as data is entered. I cannot say what our future will hold but until we can all follow the protocols, we will never get to the day when we can begin to create the new, post-viral world.

~ Rudy Papakee, Meskwaki Health Director

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School Grab-n-Go Meals Update

Starting Monday, there will be a change to our curbside lunch distribution. In order to decrease the number of times that families have to go out to get lunches, we will be covering multiple days with less lunch pick-ups. Our lunch pick-ups will now only be on Mondays and Thursdays. The Monday lunches will have enough food to cover Monday through Wednesday and the Thursday lunches will cover Thursday and Friday.

So starting next week, we will begin our curbside lunch pick-ups on Monday and Thursday only from 11 am – 12 pm. Just a reminder that meals CAN ONLY BE PROVIDED TO THE CHILD. Simply arrive WITH YOUR CHILDREN (ages 18 or younger) to the elementary school front entrance curb and we will bring the lunches to you. Stay Safe!!

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Water Shut Off

From Meskwaki Public Works:

The water will be shut off Wednesday, April 8th, and Thursday, April 9th mornings, from 150 to 607 Meskwaki Rd, for maintenance & repair of the water line.
We apologize for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause.

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Health Clinic Announcement

Health Clinic Announcement!

The Meskwaki Clinic and Pharmacy will be closed at noon starting this Friday April 10. We will also be closed on Saturday April 11 as the construction company removes our rooftop units and installs new ones. This will shut down our HVAC system and allow zero airflow through the building. We are closing for cautionary reasons so we can have a functioning HVAC system in our facility. This has been 10 years in the making so thank you for your understanding!

For any urgent appointment, please go to Urgent Care in Marshalltown or local ER of your choice. Please call the Clinic and leave message if you do go so we can ensure medical bills are paid.

For pharmacy refills and deliveries, please call ASAP. Please notify your relatives who may not use Facebook.

Any questions, please ask here or I can be reached at 641.485.1462

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Graduation Powwow Postponed

The 2020 Meskwaki Graduation Committee and Higher Education Department have agreed to postpone this year’s event rescheduling it to be held during Annual Powwow.   Look for more information to come at a later date.  Thank you for your understanding.  Stay home and stay safe!

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April MNT Available

Please read the April Meskwaki Nation Times available now.

It includes the latest information regarding this month’s programming and recaps some of the events that occurred in our community over the last month.

As we shelter in place, may we remember and show our loved ones how much we care by staying home and taking care of ourselves.

Blessings and good wishes sent your way while we all stay home and stay safe!


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Tribal Entities Closed until April 20th

Tribal Council met in special session today and determined that the Shelter In Place Declaration will stay.  All Tribal entities will remain closed until Monday, April 20th. The council will review this as more information and details come into place as to the extent of the spread of the corona virus both on the settlement and in the state. Staff will continue to be paid.


From Health Director Rudy Papakee:

As of March 31, there are 11 positive cases within Tama County. This number will continue to increase as more testing becomes available. The good news is that all of the Natives who tested positive to date, are recovering. While Iowa has not peaked with cases across the state, the effects of closures and social distancing has still yet to be felt. However, with symptoms of COVID-19 taking 2 – 14 days to manifest, from a public health standpoint we are hoping to start seeing the results of prevention efforts paying off over the next couple of weeks.

These prevention efforts are still needed from all of you reading this. Continue social distancing, do not visit others in their home, don’t allow people into your home, practice good cough and sneeze etiquette, and by all means, stay home if you are sick. I know this may sound like a broken record but with no vaccine or a cure for the disease, these steps are necessary to ensure we minimize those infected. With no timeline projected, your efforts will be rewarded when life can return to normal.

Information changes daily on the virus and while there is no cure, I am sure some of you have read or even heard from the President that hydroxycholorquine (HCQ) and azithromycin are a potential cure. The FDA recently announced the emergency use of the drugs even though this is an unproven treatment. Patrick Bolte, Meskwaki Chief Pharmacist, in an email stated, “ Limited data showing either drug works and both are on national shortage. Grinnell was told not to use azithromycin because it was not showing efficacy (it shouldn’t because COVID is a virus and azithromycin doesn’t treat viruses). HCQ is restricted to admitted patients that 1) have a +CT scan, +fever and require oxygen or 2) +COVID test, +fever and require oxygen.” Dr. Frost, Meskwaki Medical Director, in a follow up email stated, “ I have not received any supporting memos from CDC or WHO regarding these treatments in the outpatient setting.” With this information the Meskwaki Clinic will not be prescribing either medication for anyone who tests positive within our facility. If additional information comes forward that supports the use, the Clinic will reevaluate their protocols.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who continue to abide by the shelter in place initiative and those following the social distancing protocols. I know this isn’t easy as we are a social group already. But we as a community have the ability to stop the virus from infecting others but we must remain diligent in our daily activities.

Real time updates are provided through Facebook on both the SETT and KSETT pages and on our website at www.meskwaki.org. Please watch for updates as they become available.

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