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Eagles Alive and Well

MNR and the MNPD are pleased to share that ALL the eagles are alive and well.  Spotted and photographed on Monday, both parents have been spotted healthy and flying.

Kelly Schott, MNR, reports that although the nest is not on Tribal land (and ultimately the reporting responsibility of the state), we shouldn’t worry about our majestic eagle friends living near Weehaw Lake.   Additionally, both federal and state officials have investigated our concerns.  All is well!

Schott reports that the young eaglets stay in the nest about 12 weeks and fledging attempts (their first awkward flights) may have begun.   Pictured from Monday, one of our fearless young flyers is propped on the edge of the nest practicing for flight or “branching”.

She notes that we won’t normally see the eaglet’s parents at the same time as the adults start withholding food, perching near the nest to encourage the babies to come out and flying over with food to tempt the nestlings to fly.

Spring is an exciting time to watch and learn about nature – so don’t be alarmed, our feathered friends are alive and well!

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