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Red Earth Gardens

Produce grown by Iowa’s ORIGINAL Farmers. We Be Farmin’!

Picture7What We Do:

Red Earth Gardens is an organic farm committed to growing food in a way that was taught to us by our ancestors.  Nourishing Mother Earth while supporting the community through environmentally-sustainable practices, we grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit.

As a business program of the Meskwaki Food Sovereignty Initiative, we offer our products for sale to the public through our Tribally Supported Agriculture (TSA) program as well as through local farmers markets and at events throughout the summer on and/or near the Meskwaki Settlement.


Visit Red Earth Garden’s website HERE!

What is a “TSA”?

Tribally Supported Agriculture or TSA is modeled after the Community Supported Agriculture model of farming.

Picture12Starting each June, TSA members receive a box of our freshly harvested vegetables and herbs every week (or every other week if selected).  Download the form to become a TSA member HERE!

Members choose to join our TSA program to invest “in the health of it” (convenient, nutrient-dense, organic produce) as well as to support sustainable farming practices that promote soil, plant and water health, while strengthening the local food economy.

TSA program members receive up to 20 weeks of seasonally-grown produce, a weekly newsletter with recipe ideas, storage tips, updates on the garden, invitations to cooking classes, organized volunteer work days and an end of the year harvest celebration.

Produce includes lettuce, kale, arugula, radishes,  beans, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, wild flowers, and more!  With three convenient pick-up locations each week, a TSA will easily provide veggies for a family of four.

Weekly TSA Shares are available each summer!  Read the “We Be Farmin'” TSA Blog/Newsletter HERE.

Visit Red Earth Garden’s website HERE!

Farm Production Manager Grant Shadden
Permaculture Specialist Adam Ledvina
Farm Crew Leader Dewey Youngbear Bass
Farm Address: Winter Office Address: Farm Phone: 641.484.9550
1401 305th St.
Tama, IA 52339
1496 Hwy 30
Tama, IA 52339
Office Phone: 641.484.9501
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