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This Procurement Proposal Page is offered through the Finance Department and is a part of the Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa.   Contact the Finance Department at (641) 484-4678 for additional information.

This is the Meskwaki Nation’s request for procurement proposal page. These files are available to any vendor interested in providing the commodity and/or services listed in the specification. The Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa reserves the right to post or not post any or all bid opportunities to this site.

Specifications and the conditions for submitting a proposal may be obtained by clicking under each proposal listed below. We reserve the right to waive any informalities in bids and to reject any and all bids. Proposals may be submitted via Proposal Submission Form here or by clicking on the form field offered on the right side of this page. Those who do not have a formal proposal may click here to download and use our General Proposal Form.  (*Form must be download, filled out and then uploaded to the Proposal Submission Form Page.)

Contractors:  Visit our Contractor Terms and Conditions page.

It is the responsibility of the person/business downloading the request for proposal specifications to notify us of interest by submitting proposal. It is also the responsibility of all submitters to verify and submit all addenda with us (attachments which may include, licensure, bonding, etc. –  check the specifications for proposal before submitting) prior to the proposal closing date.


Interior Drainage Basin Study of Cattail Creek

Interior Drainage Basin Study of Cattail Creek

The Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa is requesting proposals and statements of qualifications from professional engineering ...
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