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Kiwisenibena tatakwi “we will eat all together”

Red Earth Gardens in collaboration with Meskwaki Family Services is offering:

Kiwisenibena tatakwi is an opportunity to share healthy, organically grown food from Red Earth Gardens and the Intertribal Ag Council Mobile Market.

This was formally promoted as the “Fall Harvest Box”. We have updated it to reflect our community values, and have divided the food into two boxes at a value of over $30 each, but still at the same price: $50.00

  • The first box is to keep and use for your Thanksgiving dinner.
  • The second box will be donated to Meskwaki Family Services to be distributed to families in need.

In this way, we will kiwisenibena tatakwi – “eat all together.”

Each box will include: Dry beans, Wild Rice, Honey, Onions, Carrots, Sunflower Heads, Winter Squash, Fresh Greens, Turnips, Pumpkin, and recipes. The “box to keep” includes a thank you gift!

Pick up at Red Earth Gardens: Tuesday, Nov 20th from 9-5 and Wednesday Nov 21st from 9-Noon.

First come first serve while supplies last!

You may call Economic Development at (641) 484-9501 or email: fsc.econdev@meskwaki-nsn.gov for more information.

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