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Nomination Results

The Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa Election Committee conducted a Nominations Meeting on May 22, 2019 in accordance with Title 10 Article IV Chapter 6. The nominations resulted as follows:

 Receiving the most nominations and accepting nomination was Dawson Davenport.

Also nominated and accepting his nomination was Keith Davenport.

No other nominees accepted their nomination.

There were a total of 28 tribal members present including 6 committee members. A total of 22 nominations were cast, and 6 committee members abstained from nominating.

9 total individuals were nominated with 2 accepting the nomination, 6 declining the nomination, and 1 declining nomination due to not meeting requirements to hold office.

On behalf of the Election Committee, the results of the Nominations held on May 22, 2019 are hereby certified.

Nominations Official Results 5-23-2019 FOR MEDIA RELEASE

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