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Tribal Council Work Sessions

Tribal Council work sessions are held at varying times during the month.   Please see below for more information:



Sec. 1-3109 Work Sessions

(a) Upon request, a Work Session may be held with members of the Tribal Council to discuss individual issues with tribal members; or, tribal projects within the scope of a department or agency’s duties. Any number of Tribal Council members may attend such Work Sessions. Unless otherwise opened by the Chairperson, or if the Chairperson is not available, the next ranking officer of the Tribal Council, Work Sessions will be closed to the public. The purpose of the Work Sessions shall be to inform the Council members of the progress and needs of particular tribal projects or the concerns of members in advance of possible presentation of the issue(s) at either a Regular Public Tribal Council Meeting or Special Public Tribal Council Meeting. Even if a quorum of Tribal Council members are present for a Work Session, no Tribal Council action may be taken.

(b) Requests for Work Sessions shall be made to the Executive Office in writing. The Executive Director shall review the request and make a determination as to whether the request should be granted. The Executive Director shall then promptly contact the Chairperson of the Council and relay the request, along with the Executive Director’s opinion regarding the request. The Chairperson shall weigh the matter and decide whether to call for a Work Session. If the Chairperson decides to call for the Work Session, notice shall be provided to each Council member by his or her preferred method of notice at least three days in advance of the session.


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